Unverified Commit dda2f9d2 authored by Tyler Clendenin's avatar Tyler Clendenin Committed by GitHub

task_high_memory_usage_1g missing container_label_com_docker_swarm_task_name in BY

The task alert for memory shows blank $labels.container_label_com_docker_swarm_task_name values without the value in the BY statement
parent 52ffa410
......@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ groups:
}}' on '{{ $labels.container_label_com_docker_swarm_node_id }}'
- alert: task_high_memory_usage_1g
expr: sum(container_memory_rss{container_label_com_docker_swarm_task_name=~".+"})
BY (container_label_com_docker_swarm_node_id) > 1e+09
BY (container_label_com_docker_swarm_task_name, container_label_com_docker_swarm_node_id) > 1e+09
for: 1m
description: '{{ $labels.container_label_com_docker_swarm_task_name }} on ''{{
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